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We can assist people to find one property or build a good portfolio of properties either residential or commercial. We can identify for you and advise you of the different areas in Cardiff that are suitable for the type of tenants you are aiming for in the residential sector e.g. (Professionals\ Students\ Family’s\ DHSS).


We can also assist you if you require to buy a commercial property in the arrears that are most suitable for the type of tenants you require also the type of property you are looking e.g. (offices\ shop and offices\ warehouses\ etc).

We can assist you with valuations of the properties you want to purchase but usually if you borrow money the lending institution will want to conduct their own valuation survey.


We can also provide you with names of solicitors that will give their exact costs for the property you want to purchase


We can find the property that suits your requirements. We can  view the property and if we think it fits your criteria, send you a fax followed by letter explaining the area, the type of tenants you can expect to get and the rent levels in that area. We also make arrangements for you to view the property and is up to you to decide if you want to go ahead or not.


If we find you a property you do not have to give us the management of your property. It is up to you to choose  the management  agent of your choice


As we are not making any profit from the sale of the property we are only looking after your interest and we try to negotiate the best possible purchase price for you.