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It is your money so make sure that you really want to get in this business. Ask a lot of questions. Ask other people who have investment properties for advice. Do your own homework and decide what return you want for your investment


Letting agencies and building societies run special seminars to introduce you to the buy to let properties schemes. Make sure you attend these so that you can hear what they have to say. Remember that their interest is to lend you money or to manage a property on a fee. If anything goes wrong the agent walks away it has nothing to loose. It is not his property.   The lender wants their money and you the owner has to find the money to pay your mortgage.


We are not an estate agent and we are not a bank or building society we are independent investors looking after our own portfolio and also looking after other private client’s portfolios. We manage the properties as if they are our own with the minimum of inconvenience to you.


Our aim is to keep our clients satisfied with their investment and over  a period of time help them build a good portfolio of properties.


When doing your calculations  make sure you can  still make your repayments it your property is vacant for  three months a year and that during this period you can still afford to pay your  property insurance and empty property council tax.


You also have to allow in your calculations that from time to time you will need to paint the outside of the property and redecorate the inside. As an experienced agent we can advise how you can avoid expensive decorating bills and still maintain a good quality decorated property.


We recommend that all the properties have central heating, a washing machine, a good quality fitted kitchen with good quality appliances.


We recommend that beds to be renewed every time a new tenant takes over a new tenancy. This is not expensive as we have special arrangements with suppliers.