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After you have read all the above and you still want to go ahead you are not only brave but you are a very wise person.


Although we have not painted a very rosy picture in our literature we want to make sure that you aware of some of the pitfalls of the buy to let business before you commit yourself. We want you to understand the costs that can arise and make sure you have sufficient finances to see you through the difficult times. If you follow these simple steps you have nothing to fear.     


 By making a very careful decision dependent on your financial situation  and the fact that you are prepared to look  at a long term investment we think that you will be very happy and satisfied. You have to remember  as well as the rent you are receiving, part of the investment is the capital appreciation that  accumulates the longer you own the property.


Remember if you pay into a pension fund the pension company invest most of their money in property and other people are in charge of your money. By investing in a buy to let business with the help of a good agent you are in charge of your money.